Not Exactly Brain Surgery

13/01/2009 § 1 Comment


Frankly, I was amazed by how dumb some of my colleagues were.

The culture rewards speed, opportunism, and quite often recklessness. It does not reward what most people consider "intelligence" — advanced mathematics ability, or knowing or caring about the difference between Shia and Sunni.

Banksters and their hucksters. Somebody please open a window for them!


-THE CUNNING REALIST-: Not Exactly Brain Surgery


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  • Tyron Vergo says:

    Brain surgery may be carried out due to various varying reasons. The most notable reason why brain surgery procedure is carried out is due to the growth of tumors in the brain. Brain tumor leads to complications such as memory loss and in most cases death. Though brain tumor is operable there are some tumors that are literally inoperable due to their extensive growth. Other than brain surgery, removal of tumors from the brain can be done through chemotherapy. This is however recommended for cancer patients. Other reasons that can facilitate brain surgery include brain hemorrhage and severe head injuries. *

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