Do We Really Care About Democracy? #IranElection

21/06/2009 § Leave a comment


After being  victims of multiple false and propagandistic  media campaigns one would think that we would be able to read between the lines when our mainstream media sources act in lockstep with one another in marketing the agenda du jour.

As soon as Ahmadinejad was declared the victor in Iran’s election EACH of our mainstream media sources was ready to cry foul and dismiss the results as an “obvious” fraud (see links below).  One might think that a functioning media would produce ONE inquisitive reporter that was brave enough to even entertain the idea that Ahmadinejad, the incumbent with extremely high support in the country’s rural and poor areas, actually won. Unfortunately, we don’t have reporters like that in our mainstream media (which is why their readership continues to plummet).

The US leadership is desperate for a war – any war – to distract Americans from the utter collapse of the Fuck You Capitalism American economy.

Do We Really Care About Democracy? #IranElection | Charting Stocks


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