Of Fascism, Wannabe-Thais & I Must Love Thaksin

15/07/2009 § Leave a comment


This From Dan Thompson of absolutely Bangkok:

…..a blog can develop a life of its own and nothing beats edifying comments and hints of inspiration. But had a little discussion the other day with a reader who had made good use of the comment function so far.

A reader who enjoyed to rant about freely, such as that Bangkok’s airports were not seized, but abandoned. Well, the other day I had to delete some comments and took the pain of sending the poster an email explaining why. Whereon a litany of swearing was the answer….

When someone, out of the blue, calls you a “fucking fascist” though – oops, the same thing I called the PAD -, a fascist with no respect for “little brown people,” you may think you’re in the completely wrong movie. Or you better engage in a debate? You could just as well be pissing in the wind.

More and more, the divisions within Thai society are reflected profoundly within the local expat community. Some have become more Catholic than the Pope. In trying to become Thai (whatever that means) they not only denounce their own past. But even worse they’re doing their host country a disservice.

I am amused at the contention that those who have the experience of living in countries other than their own for more than 25 years (11 in Thailand) are trying to be more local than the locals. Rather, its a question of self preservation. Simple self interest. Its advisable not say or do anything that can make one a target on any level with the locals. Its also in one’s interest to suggest to those farang who insist in involving themselves in the local’s affairs are putting other farang at risk with their ill advised involvement. I’ve seen foreigners get badly hurt interfering in local affairs. I’ve seen foreigners get deported. I’ve seen stricter harsher visa rules enforced selectively against certain nationalities. I love living here. I want to continue living here until I die. Can you understand that I don’t want someone who looks and sounds like me making my life harder? Do you care about anyone other than yourself?

Dan isn’t representing our email exchange accurately. Dan’s answer to a challenge to his ill advised commentary is to channel Bill O’Reilly of FOX News (in)fame. When someone challenges O’Reilly with facts that don’t match his ideology he filibusters, screams, calls names and cuts the challenger off.

Dan did the same today when I tried to answer the accusations laid out in his scurrilous attack on me in his blog.

Dan is a Texan. You can take the cowboy outta Texas but you can’t take Texas outta the cowboy – in some cases.


Of Fascism, Wannabe-Thais & I Must Love Thaksin


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