Prof. Gates’ Unconstitutional Arrest

29/07/2009 § Leave a comment


In fact, if one accepts Crowley’s claim that he dished out to Gates equal treatment under the law, this case stands as a dire warning to all citizens as to the dangers inherent in exercising one’s constitutional right to free speech when in an exchange with a police officer…

Had Professor Gates and his lawyers raised a First Amendment defense, the defendant almost certainly would have prevailed–if not at the trial court level, then in the appellate courts–and the scope of the "disorderly persons" statute would have been severely limited in all future citizen-police confrontations. The future use of handcuffs to penalize a citizen mouthing-off against official authority would have been, at long last, curtailed.

Indeed. As Bill Maher eloquently stated its a cop problem. Crowley was dissatisfied with the lack of ‘deference’ displayed by Gates. To put it the way Maher did: Gates was arrested for failure to kiss Crowley’s ass.

I hope Gates gets a very good lawyer and sues Crowley and the Cambridge PD into perpetuity!

That said, as my grandfather used to say: Fighting with a cop is allot like fighting with a pig. You get covered in shit and the pig likes it!

Prof. Gates’ Unconstitutional Arrest –


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