Prepare For Rebellion, Obama Orders US-Canadian Troops

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NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen state that the European-US military alliance has authorized an ‘emergency request’ from President Obama to utilize American and Canadian NATO troops to put down what is expected to be a “rebellion” after the expected January, 2010 ‘declaration of bankruptcy’ by the State of California.

The shit is about to hit the fan in Duhmerica.

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Venezuela, China Sign Oil Deals –

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After two days of talks in Caracas, the China National Offshore Oil Corporation will help the government of President Hugo Chavez develop the Boyaca 3 oil block in the Orinoco-belt, a large heavy-crude basin in Eastern Venezuela.

The Chinese oil titan also agreed to build a refinery with Venezuela that will process crude from a joint oil venture between the two countries that operates the Junin 8 block.

Notice the bald attempt by WSJ to plant in its readers head that this is a bad thing. China is making deals to provide for it’s energy needs while all Duhmerica can do is make threats and start wars. Duhmerica, ain’t it grand.

Venezuela, China Sign Oil Deals –


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In the book, "Red Storm Rising", World War Three starts when a fictionalized USSR, economically unable to purchase the oil products it needs, simply decides to take them. In order to conceal what is in essence a war of conquest, the fictionalized USSR manufactures a provocation by staging a fake terrorist attack on a symbolically important building in Moscow. Faked evidence is used to pin the blame on a target nation, and the fictionalized USSR starts a war on two fronts; a "just cause" war which masks a second front moving to grab the oil fields. This is a very believable scenario to the public, and the book was a best seller.

This guy has been doing a great job for a very long time. Please visit his website and if you are able kindly make a contribution.


U.S. Forces Plan Direct Action Against American Citizens

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“There is being made an effort to bring together the Armed Forces of this Nation in preparation for responding to and acting against the interests of our Citizens,” Everson said. Such efforts include actions that will be so deep and penetrating that the United States will never be the same. Everson explained that the deteriorating economy combined with Federal Reserve theft of trillions unaccounted for has had a devastating effect on Americans who had have enough and the US Military expects will respond by defending what little they have left.

“The American people have reached the point of total saturation due to the failure of Government to protect its borders, corruption and theft.” Everson expects that such a response has been projected by US Government computer models and believes NORTHCOM, DHS and state and local authorities will begin implementation of Operation Garden Plot and Martial Law within 45-60 days. “Civil war is precisely what this administration wants to happen,” said Everson. “And before Americans can organize themselves they will be destroyed by their own military.”

“It is a formula for unmitigated disaster regardless of Copenhagen, Health Care reform or anything coming from Capitol Hill,” Everson said. Steve Quayle noted his own sources who say as many as 50 million Americans are likely to be killed with gun owners, veterans and the more visible dissenters the most likely targets of deadly force. More “liberal” areas that pose minimal resistance would likely be pacified using lesser means.

One wonders what the shock and awe will be to go along with the policy of pre-emptive attack precipitated by the false flag “terrorist’ attack.

U.S. Forces Plan Direct Action Against American Citizens |

Obama Orders 1 Million US Troops to Prepare for Civil War

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US Air Force General Gene Renuart, to “begin immediately” increasing his military forces to 1 million troops by January 30, 2010, in what these reports warn is an expected outbreak of civil war within the United States before the end of winter.

According to these reports, Obama has had over these past weeks “numerous” meetings with his war council about how best to manage the expected implosion of his Nations banking system while at the same time attempting to keep the United States military hegemony over the World in what Russian Military Analysts state is a “last ditch gambit” whose success is “far from certain”.

……he is going to expand the level of US Military Forces in Afghanistan by tens of thousands of troops, while at the same time using the deployment of these soldiers as a “cover” for returning to the United States over 200,000 additional American soldiers from the over 800 bases in over 39 countries they have stationed around the Globe bringing the level of these forces in America to over 1 million, a number the US Military believes will be able to contain the “explosion of violence” expected to roil these peoples when they learn their economy has been bankrupted.

These reports further state that at the same time Obama will be attempting to keep his Nation from violent disintegration, the tens of thousands of additional troops he will send to Afghanistan are to be ordered to Kandahar where the Americans and their NATO allies will begin their final attempt to secure their TAPI (Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India) pipeline, which without the Western Nations, due to their grave lack of alternative energy resources, and being cut off from these vast Central Asian supplies (which both Russia and China are seeking to insure), are warned will totally collapse.

…..the scariest “end game” maneuvers being made by Obama, in his attempt to protect Americas Global hegemony, is his record shattering move in plunging the United States $3.5 Trillion further into debt, and which raises the total amount owed by the United States, to its citizens and the World, to the unprecedented height of over $106 Trillion.

This past year has been nothing more than a stalling tactic designed to allow Duhmerican’t oligarchs the opportunity to sell their holdings at an artificially manipulated ‘high’ in the market.

Its going to get really ugly early next year.

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Treasuries, Treasuries Everywhere, but Not an Aggressive Bidder to Bid

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Indirect bidders only took down 40.2 percent of the 30-year bonds sold in mid-December. That was down from the 2009 peak of 50.2 percent in July. Their share in the 10-year auction was even worse — just 34.9 percent. As recently as September, indirect bidders were snapping up 55.3 percent of the notes being sold.

Bottom line: Long-term Treasury auctions are getting weaker and weaker.

We haven’t seen a so-called “failed” auction yet. That’s when the bid-to-cover ratio drops below 1 — meaning the government can’t even get $1 in bids for every $1 in securities being sold. But that has already happened in the U.K., and I believe it’s only a matter of time before it happens here.

Buh-Bye USD!

Treasuries, Treasuries Everywhere, but Not an Aggressive Bidder to Bid | Money and Markets: Free Investment Email Newsletter

Joyce warns of US ‘Armageddon’

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THE OPPOSITION finance spokesman, Barnaby Joyce, believes the United States government could default on its debt, triggering an ”economic Armageddon” which will make the recent global financial crisis pale into insignificance.

Senator Joyce said yesterday he did not mean to alarm the public but there needed to be a debate about Australia’s ”contingency plan” for a sovereign debt default by the US or even by a local state government.

”A default by the US means complete economic collapse around the world and the question we have got to ask ourselves is where are we in that,” Senator Joyce said.

Joyce warns of US ‘Armageddon’

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