Arnie Gundersen – Nebraska Nuclear Plant: Emergency Level 4 & Getting Worse – June 14, 2011 (1of3)

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USA Alert: Nebraska Nuclear Power Plants Missouri River Flood Conditions

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The Fort Calhoun nuclear power plant (REP reactor) in Fort Calhoun, Nebraska, currently shut down for refueling, is surrounded by flood waters from the Missouri River, Tuesday, June 14, 2011. On Tuesday, the releases at Gavins Point Dam in South Dakota hit the maximum planned amount of 150,000 cubic feet of water per second, which are expected to raise the Missouri River 5 to 7 feet above flood stage in most of Nebraska and Iowa.

Due to a fire in an electrical switchgear room at FCS on the morning of June 7, the plant temporarily lost power to a pump that cools the spent-fuel pool.

No Fly Zone Over Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant Due to “Hazards”

Look at the photos.

MOX Fuel.

This thing can get out of control quickly.

USA Alert: Nebraska Nuclear Power Plants Missouri River Flood Conditions

Fukushima in Nebraska?

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A fire in an electrical switch room on Tuesday briefly knocked out cooling for a pool holding spent nuclear fuel at the Fort Calhoun nuclear plant outside Omaha, Neb., plant officials said.

The safety of deep pools used to store used radioactive fuel at nuclear plants has been an issue since the accident at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant in March. If the cooling water a pool is lost, the used nuclear fuel could catch fire and release radiation.

Would the government cover-up the dangers and keep the information suppressed as many stand-by waiting for their leaders and media to tell them what to do?

Of course they would. This is DUHmerica.

Prepare: Threat of Nuclear Meltdown In America Just Over the Horizon?

US Dollar Death Spiral, Economy Hurtles Toward System Failure

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The negative momentum is so grotesque. It is like a man sliding backwards on a steep icy street with no objects nearby to grab. The remarkable fact in my view is that so many trained economists and market mavens are shocked that the US Economy is entering another recession. They must have considered Clunker Car program, New Homebuyer Tax Credit initiative, and the General Motors bailout all to be genius concepts. They seem poorly trained in capitalism, and well trained in asset inflation management laced with public indoctrination. To the sound money crowd, the degradation was obvious. The landscape is taking on the same look at mid-2008 when all hell broke loose on the financial and economic fronts. It should not be so surprising, since nothing has been fixed.

DUHmerican’t exceptionalism prevents taking heed. ‘We’re Americans it can’t happen to us’. Uh, no. Its has.

The Market Oracle

Chinese Rating Agency Says "The US Has Already Defaulted" … German Rating Agency Downgrades U.S. Debt

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While Baghdad Bob Ben Bernanke says that everything is fine, China’s Dagong credit rating agency says the U.S has already defaulted. As AFP reports:

“‘In our opinion, the United States has already been defaulting….Washington had already defaulted on its loans by allowing the dollar to weaken against other currencies – eroding the wealth of creditors including China, Mr Guan said.”

This follows on the heels of German credit rating agency Feri’s downgrade of U.S. bonds a full notch – from AAA to AA – saying:

“The U.S. government has fought the effects of the financial market crisis primarily by an increase in government debt. We do not see that there is sufficient attention being paid to other measures, “said Dr. Tobias Schmidt, CEO of Feri Rating & Research AG. “Our rating system shows a deterioration in economic health, so the downgrading of the credit ratings of U.S. is warranted.”

Which – in turn – follows American credit rating giant Standard & Poors’ warningsabout a potential future downgrade to U.S. credit.


While some accuse me of being a ‘true wingnut’ (here) it seems that the Chinese, Germans and Standard & Poors’ disagree with that assessment. Of course, the accuser finds it just alright that the DUHmerican’t government tracks its citizens.


Chinese Rating Agency Says “The US Has Already Defaulted” … German Rating Agency Downgrades U.S. Debt – Washington’s Blog

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