DUHmerica the Insufferable

16/01/2012 § Leave a comment

What an absolutely insane fucking place DUHmerica has become. Everything one does in DUHmerica has been made as insufferable as possible by the corporate capitalist predators, the security state that has destroyed freedom or from miserable DUHmericans themselves. Their constant 24hour a day never ending oppressive assault is utterly debilitating.

Whatever one does some fucking asshole has an agenda that one must meet in order to be left the fuck alone. What that agenda is one never fucking knows because its all fucking bullshit often made up on the fucking spot by the capitalist or state security fucking asshole of the moment. As one can’t know prior to offending the freak’s tender sensibilities one is NEVER left the fuck alone.  EVER!

Should one attempt to withdraw from the bullshit as much as possible to preserve what minuscule particle of sanity one possesses one quickly finds one has committed the greatest offense possible – not going along with the bullshit agenda the fucker in front of you deems of galactic importance.

I say FUCK these DUHmerican assholes, their so-called ‘culture’ and especially their goddamn warmongering terrorist cesspool of a country. Take your goddamn red white and blue fucking rag and stuff it up your ass until you fucking choke on it you fucking goddamn assholes! FUCK YOU!


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