DUHmerica Making Friends and Influencing People…..Yet Again.

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As the clouds of war appear to be gathering ominously over China’s various territorial disputes, China has one arch enemy in mind: the United States.

The official communist newspaper, The Global Times, accused Washington of an “insidious strategic plot to make trouble for the Chinese-Japanese relations” in the conflict over the Diaoyudao islands, which Japan also claims and calls the Senkaku islands.

“Under the direct control by the United States, right-wing forces in Japan are using the dispute to challenge China’s sovereignty, and other countries such as the Philippines in the South China Sea region, are provoking us and acting ridiculously,” the newspaper said last week in an unusually harsh commentary stated.

“We must be clear that the United States never wants China to be strong. The U.S. is changing China from a peaceful competitor to a Soviet Union-like Cold War-era enemy.”

The article stopped short of calling for a direct war with the United States, but it warned that “China must be prepared for war; speed up economic and military preparations required of a military struggle; speed up our nuclear second-strike capabilities; and actively develop overseas strategic and military support bases.”

DUHmerican posturing over these islands is mere smokescreen to disguise the real reason – China’s move toward a gold backed Yuan that will decimate the DUHmerican dollar.

DUHmerica intends to either remain the boss of the world or destroy it.

Inside China: War hysteria blamed on U.S. – STRATRISKS


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