160,000 PAGES Of Laws And DUHmericans Call Themselves ‘Free’.

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DUHmerica likely has more laws than any place else on Earth, over 160,000 pages of them by some counts. More laws than any person or group of people could ever memorize over the course of numerous lifetimes. Reasonably, more than one could even read over the course of a life time

The law books which define the rule of law in DUHmerica exist as an unfathomable yet ever expanding archive of justifications to deny people freedom in the self-proclaimed land of the free.

The Patriot Act is a workable example: at nearly 950 pages, it was reputedly crafted in about a month after the entirely unanticipated attacks of 9/11. It makes many changes of existing laws, diminishes Constitutional protections and expands the national security state, yet at least two of the elected representatives that signed it into law admitted on camera that they hadn’t even read it. 950 pages of laws signed by lawmakers who didn’t even bother to read them.

Senator John Conyers stated (to Michael Moore in Fahrenheit 9/11) that none of the congressmen read the laws they signed as it would slow down the process. This suggests that the process is more important than the ethos driving it. At least to those paid to process it. This is worth considering.

Far from being a lawless people DUHmericansnare instead totally lawsome! To the extreme! In fact, the probability exists that we may have entered a state of total criminality (as postulated by Frank Zappa in 1980) wherein DUHmericans are all guilty of something or other (160 thousand pages and counting) and can thus be remanded to custody with relative impunity with the assurance that some violation exists in each DUHmerican life to warrants it. According to the state, DUHmericans can be detained indefinitely until they can come up with something to accuse you of. In that timeframe all manner of criminality can be identified and acted upon.

The problem then becomes that if DUHmerica strengthens its position through the enmity of its citizens (economically, as arbiter, or ultimately warden), is the state motivated to promote generosity and tolerance to its positional detriment? Where the people get along, the power of the state is diminished because the people are unified through accord, compelling the state into the role of an external authority. Where people are at odds, the state increases power through regulatory controls, expanded enforcement and financial levy through fines.

Hence there is an economic motivation for the state to foster criminality among the citizens – ultimately, their jobs depend upon it. Which is exactly why 160 thousand pages of laws exist: lawmakers with nothing to justify their lofty positions need something to show for it. Laws.

Yet DUHmericans continue to wave their red white and blue rag as though it means anything at all. Sad. So sad.

Lawsome – Prezbyter


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